Gingerbread, scallops & turrets. Lots of detail.

  • missmiranda My favorite by far!!!!
  • dela1 Thanks.

Hometown festival

Swirly bird picture.

Snow goose migration. The field was covered in white birds.

  • shelbby16 Amazing photo
  • dela1 Thanks. I must have taken 30 shots and this was the only one that was a keeper. The migration is a sight to behold every year.

Peacock's tail

San Diego Zoo

New Orleans at

Wall of Legos.

Lego plane

Uncle Lionel at Snug Harbor

"Tree house" made from scrap metal

I teach piano to these students

Unique dining at Jacques -Imos in New Orleans

Impressionist effect.

Corner of a building, Lewes, DE

  • sam Concave or convex?
  • dela1 Ha-you noticed! It's an optical illusion. It's actually an outside corner. I guess that would be convex.
  • dela1

Rehoboth Beach Boardwalk after Sandy.


  • mike great shot!
  • aslaf Hlooo
  • aslaf كيف الحال

California Oranges

Cherry blossoms

  • sassygirlie Love it!
  • dela1 TY
  • georgiejordan Thats cute
  • dela1 Thanks.