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All natural cuticle oil with real dried flowers that I made.

Lucky # Red over Black. I will be selling this in my shop soon!

Rain on my car window.

Flowers from work colleagues for my b day.

Got an iPad mini for my b day today!!!

  • dela1 You're goibg to love It! Happy belated
  • CrystalNicole @dela thank you so much. I am totally addicted to it! Lol

Today is my b day and I found this at the front door on my way out.

  • RRob Happy b day!
  • CrystalNicole Thank you!!!

Rain on my car window with a filter. Rain Perfume. Lol

Sun drop.

  • dela1 How did you this one! I really like it.
  • CrystalNicole Thank you. I used the FotoRus app. ;-)
  • JamieLarse This is outstanding and publish worthy!
  • CrystalNicole Thank you so much!!! ;-)

Share your pics of any footprints you see around you.

I made this dress with my new brother sewing machine. Not perfect but I love it. Lol

  • zeman4Romaaaa :)
  • davidswagg Nice

$200.00 visa gift cards from my boss. Late Xmas gift!!!

Saw this at the gas station.