1)    How can I vote on Challenges ?

When you see a challenge you simply swipe right to left or left to right to vote on that challenge.

2)    How do I earn points ?

You earn points for every single action you perform using our app. Likes, comments, shares, entering a contest, creating a challenge, voting on challenges and responding to a challenge.

3)    How do I find other Users ?

Simply go to the slide menu by tapping on the menu icon button on top left and tap on Explore to search for other users.

4)    How do I see my own profile ?

You can go to your profile by tapping the round icon on the top right of the screen.

5)    How will I know that I have won a contest ?

We will contact you by email and your name will be displayed in the winner's column on the Home Page under featured products.

6)    How will I know that I have won a challenge ?

It will show up in the won category of the challenge screen, also you will receive a push notification.

7)    Can I create a contest ?

No, you can only create a challenge, but you can definitely send us your suggestions for contest ideas to info@pictorious.com

8)    How do I sign out ?

Simply go to slide menu by tapping on the menu icon button on top left and tap on Sign-out at the bottom of the list to sign out.

9)    How do I send feedback ?

Go to our website: www.pictorious.com and go to contact us page to send us feedback. OR you can go to the sliding menu and select "Talk to us".

10) How do I see all my entries for all the contests ?

Simply go to your profile and tap on entries and you can see your entries for all the contest categories you participated in.

11) How can I challenge another user ?

On the challenge page, towards the bottom tap the button that says “create challenge” select Photo or video and then follow the instructions.

12) How do I set up my profile ?

When on your profile page, tap the EDIT button on the top right corner and follow directions.