Playing pop music.

Unique albino alligator.

  • dela1 Did some research. This is actually a crocodile.
  • mike that's an awesome croc
  • dela1 Took the picture at the Norwalk Acquarium.

A New Orleans store.

Filter Mania 2, Storm Filter

Might not be a sweet ride on this one

A beautiful day on the Maine coast is paradise to me.

Create some beauty using the Pip Camera app.

  • MonkE3 Love this one !!
  • dela1 Thanks

Vintage. "At the end of her rope"

  • mike That rope is funny!
  • dela1 It's a wonder I didn't strangle myself.

My father-World War 1

Her art opening

Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

Post pictures of pretty gardens in pots and other containers.

NY skyline, Cosmosis filter.

  • affie Where did you get the filter? I really like it!
  • dela1 Thanks! Filter Mania 2, one of the extras you can down-load.
  • dela1 If you go into the extra filters, cosmosis is in the Space collection.

Mexican art at the French Market, NOLA

White Peacock

Display at Disneyland